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Title Location Date Link
Mitigation pathways and sustainability in the context of the Paris Agreement Ninth meeting of the SBSTA research dialogue
Bonn, Germany
10/05/2017 pdf icon
IPCC’s plans for the next cycle and how industry can contribute International Petroleum Week
London, UK
22/02/2017 pdf icon
The special IPCC report on 1.5°C in the perspective of the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) Journée de la Chaire MPDD
Une prospective de l’après COP21
Ecole des Ponts ParisTech
Paris, France
13/01/2017 pdf icon
Brainstorming session on IPCC Special Report on
“climate change, desertification, land degradation, sustainable land management, food security, and greenhouse gas fluxes in terrestrial ecosystems”
CIRED (Centre International de Recherche sur l'Environnement et le Développement)
Nogent-sur-Marne, France
12/01/2017 pdf icon
Scientific priorities for AR6 Technical University of Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark
27/10/2016 pdf icon
UK/India co-operation on IPCC and in the international sphere London, UK 26/10/2016 pdf icon
IPCC AR6, the Special Report on 1.5°C and the IAM community Energy Modelling Forum Snowmass 2016
Snowmass Colorado, USA
22/07/2016 pdf icon
Mitigation of climate change and the global stocktake SBSTA-IPCC Special Event on assessments of IPCC and the global stocktake
Bonn, Germany
18/05/2016 pdf icon
IPCC Sixth Assessment Report (AR6)
Role of Working Group III (Mitigation)
China Meteorological Society &
China Climate Center
Beijing, China
06/05/2016 pdf icon
Transition to a low carbon economy for New Zealand Royal Society of New Zealand
Te Whare Aparangi, New Zealand
27/04/2016 pdf icon
IPCC Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) Role of Working Group III (Mitigation) British High Commission
New Delhi, India
29/01/2016 pdf icon

IPCC Expert Meeting on Mitigation, Sustainability and Climate Stabilization Scenarios


Title Presenter Link
Motivations for the expert meeting Øyvind Christophersen pdf icon
Links to the UNFCCC: NDCs and the global stocktake Florin Vladu pdf icon
WG III Co-chairs introduction Jim Skea and PR Shukla pdf icon

Session 1

Scenarios in WG III AR5: their scope, their presentation and their use Leon Clarke pdf icon
From emissionsto climate–the role of reduced complexity climate models Jan Fuglestvedt pdf icon
Report on IIASA Scenarios Workshop 2015 Keywan Riahi
pdf icon
Scenarios in WG III AR5: a government adviser’s perspective FU Sha pdf icon
Scenarios in WG III AR5: a business perspective Brian Flannery pdf icon

Session 2

National climate policies, sustainable development and policy experiences Roberto Schaeffer pdf icon
The Shared Socio-Economic Pathways (SSPs): progress and use Brian O’Neill pdf icon
IAM scenarios subsequent to AR5: interpretation and extensions Elmar Kriegler pdf icon
The trouble with negative emissions Glen Peters pdf icon

Session 3

Transition and initiative-based learning: the PATHWAYS project Detlef van Vuuren pdf icon
An energy sector case study (IEA) Eric Masanet pdf icon
Modelling urban and sectoral systems Diana Urge-Vorsatz pdf icon
Modelling climate and land use Katherine Calvin pdf icon

Session 4

Land use, ecosystem services and biodiversity Cheikh Mbow pdf icon
Social change, institutions and policies Navroz Dubash pdf icon
Infrastructure, technology development and lock-in Arnulf Grubler pdf icon